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Kosmix raises $20M, launches in beta.

Kosmix (my employer) today announced the beta of, our topic page/exploration engine. Along with that, we also announced raising $20M in funding which should last us through our hockey stick growth over the next year. Ed Zander (Ex-Motorola CEO) participated in the round led by Time Warner Brothers and has joined as a strategic advisor.

Why use Kosmix?

While Google works great if you know exactly what you want (search), Kosmix helps you learn about a topic by presenting various dimensions of information around your query and showing you a lot of context for topics related to your query. You could use this to learn more about your query and see a summary of the best of the web on the query.

Although Kosmix appears like a traditional search engine, it is not; Kosmix blurs the line between Search and Content by aggregating information like search engines (think Google) do but presenting it like a rich content site would (think The closest competitor is probably Mahalo, but they are human curated and work on only a small set of topics, while Kosmix is algorithmic and could work on any query.

How does this work?

We have a cool categorization technology that can take a query and categorize it into several million categories and  find related topics to a query. We can then use this context around a query to identify various content sources and pull content in applying various relevance algorithms to create a rich topic page that tries to summarize the information on that topic.

Here are some cool queries to try –

Chocolate cake – We show a bunch of recipes (including a vegan one), nutritional information, how to videos etc.

San Francisco – We show content from wikitravel, images, maps of the town, list of nearby towns, local events, hotels, trip reports, news etc.

Apple – We recognize this query as being ambiguous and offer various interpretations – apple fruit, apple inc., apple macintosh etc.

Cosmo Kramer – Profile of the kramer character from Seinfeld, video highlights, list of other characters from Seinfeld TV series, related content – a widget of quotes from Jerry Seinfeld.

Pizza in 94040 – Yelp reviews, maps with local results

Do give Kosmix a shot and let me know what you think…


I & Hobbes

I have named this blog after my favorite comic strip – Calvin and Hobbes, hence the name ihobbes.

Who is Hobbes? (according to Wikipedia)

Hobbes is Calvin’s stuffed tiger. From everyone else’s point of view, they see Hobbes as Calvin’s stuffed tiger. From Calvin’s point of view, however, Hobbes is an anthropomorphic tiger, much larger than Calvin and full of independent attitudes and ideas.

This blog to me is Hobbes.